Manual Projection Screen

  • Manual Projection Screen is hung on ceiling or wall.
  • Can be pulled down manually to the desired position.
  • Retract back to the housing case if not use.
  • Some screens have AutoReturn mechanism, which return the screen to case automatically and smoothly.

Electric Projection Screens

  • Electric Projection Screen is motorized up and down with remote control or switch.
  • Can be hung on very high ceiling, even hide inside ceiling.
  • Convenience and impressive.
  • Very popular in churches, conference rooms and home theaters.

Tripod Projection Screens

  • Tripod Projection Screen combined with tripod
  • Both screen and tripod can be fold up to carry around
  • Easy to set up.
  • Screen can be set on floor, stage, or table.

Table Top Projection Screens

  • Very light weight, easy to carry around
  • Set up on table in seconds
  • Provide a close relationship with audiences

Floor Stand Projection Screens

  • Floor Projection Screen built in an aluminum carry case, very easy to carry around.
  • Just pull the screen up to the desired position and use it.
  • Occupied very little space, not like tripod screen, there is no tripod in danger to be kicked.

Fixed Frame Projection Screens

  • Fixed Projection Screen is tensioned on aluminum frame to provide perfect flat surface, which is much better than other screen format.
  • The aluminum frame is light and durable.
  • Because its theater-like effect, it is very popular in home theaters and conference rooms.

Rear Projection Screens

  • Image is projected to the projector screen from behind
  • Bright pictures
  • High Resolution,
  • Superior clarity of image
  • No projector can be seen in front of the screen.