Every meeting and classroom has different goals and needs for their participants. NiVA Solutions offers a wide variety of response device options to suit these varying objectives.

With our student response systems, teachers can create interactive presentations that collect real-time responses from students and quickly assess students' achievement toward state standards.

  • Easily conduct formative assessments.
  • Track individual student learning at the point of instruction.
  • Align interactive assessments with state standards.
  • Automate grading.
  • Create and run comprehensive reports: from individual student participation scores to entire classroom results.
  • Engage your entire class.

Feedback Function

:

- Press OK to sign in, the software counts the present people or displays name list very fast

Single choice :

- Max. choose 1 from 10, press 0 stands for 10
- Automatically submit data

Multiple choice :

- Max. choose 10 from 10 ;
- Press OK to submit ;
- Support reserve sequence, options limits, force choosing, repeat choosing and other various professional functions.

Sequence :

- Max. support 10 options of randomly sequence

Numerical :

- Support to input 3 digits, “10” button stands for “0”

Fastest answer :

- Press OK to be the first answerer

Feedback timing :

- Support feedback timing, used for judging the response speed

Management Function

Low power indication :

The keypad can remind low power through its low power icon; the software can also monitor the keypads battery status at real time.

Online testing :

Under the online testing mode, every keypad can simulate actual button press operation; it is very convenient for testing the working status of batch keypads.

Remotely power off :

Base stations can control all the keypads to be powered off through remote command.

Beep turn on/off :

Beep can be turned on/off through remote command of base station.

ID display :

Keypad ID can be displayed by keypad operation, or through base station command, which is convenient for hand out and hardware testing.

Tech. Spec.

[ LED indication ]:

1 double color indication lights to indicate the status of channel lockage, keypads, low battery, transmit successfully and so on.

[ Dimension& weight ]:

92mm × 54mm × 8mm , 32gram (exclude battery)

[ RF ]:

2.4GHz, standard 32 channel auto shift

[ Distance ]:

indoor 30 m (reference range: 400 square meters conference room), it can extend to 100m

[ Speed ]:

Single base station, 400 pieces M50 keypads can be completely collected within 7~12 seconds by practical testing. Multiple base stations, 2000 pieces M50 keypads can be completely collected within 30~40 seconds by practical testing.

[ Battery ]:


[ Time ]:

>15000 times response by practical testing (related to battery quality).