A Visualizer is the most flexible presentation tool of our times. It can pick-up any kind of material (books, photos, 3-dimensional objects etc.) quickly and easily and provides a high resolution output signal for video/data Projection Screens, monitors, interactive whiteboards or videoconferencing systems.

Compared to rather "stiff" PowerPoint presentations, Visualizer presentations are much more flexible and dynamic, because anything can be displayed at any time, with no fixed order and without the need for lengthy preparation in advance.

Typical applications for Visualizers are: Training, Education, Meetings, Conferences, Product Presentations, Court Rooms (displaying evidence), various Medical Applications (telemedicine, telepathology, x-rays etc.), Video Conferencing / Tele Presence (using the Visualizer as a document camera) and many more...

A Visualizer enables a presenter to translate ideas into convincing interactive presentations, spontaneously and naturally, and to engage and communicate with an audience in a manner that is more effective than any other presentation method, ensuring that each and every  presentation is a memorable experience for the audience

Improving Your Presentation

A number of studies have shown that presentations made with a Visualizer dramatically increase learning success, as information which is presented visually is much easier to remember, and is retained for far longer than information presented using the spoken word alone.

Furthermore, objects presented live with a Visualizer capture the attention far more readily than the simple display of scanned objects (eg. via PowerPoint), because of the 'live' factor. The fact that the audience sees the presenter's hands, annotations, zooming action, twisting around of objects and other movement in the picture, personalises the delivery, and everybody present feels like they are an integrated part of the presentation. Imagine the difference between just looking at a photograph, or being able to watch a movie.


(i). Desktop Visualizer

(ii). Portable Visualizers


(i). USB Microscope

Key Features

  • Small - to fit into children’s hands
  • Ideal to display onto classroom whiteboard
  • Easy one-button photo capture
  • Magnify objects up to 43x

(ii). USB Microscope

Technical Details

  • Resolution: Same to monitor display. Max pixel: 2M (1600X1200)
  • Sensor: VGA Color CMOS Sensor
  • Controller: High Speed DSP (Driver Free, SOC)
  • Lens: 4G M12 Microscope Lens
  • Magnification Rate: 25X~400X
  • Frame Rate: Max 30 FPS (Frames per Second) - Under 600 LUX Brightness
  • Life View: 30 frames per second under 600 Lux Brightness
  • Interface: AV interface
  • TV output
  • TV Standard: NTSC (If you need PAL standard, please let us know)
  • Built-in Light Source: 8 LED 40000 m Lux
  • 5V DC Power(Adapter)
  • Focus Range: More than 10m
  • Focus Type: Manual Focus
  • White Balance: Auto
  • Color Saturation: Auto
  • Operating Voltage: 5V DC
  • Operating Temp: -20°C ~ + 60°C
  • Size: 110 x 33mm/4.33" x 1.30"


(i). Wooden Podium

Key Features

  • Solid wood construction
  • Square raised panels
  • Work surface changes from angled to flat to accommodate laptop computers
  • Evolution sound system package includes a rechargeable amplifier, microphone, gooseneck mic mount, full range high output speakers, and more
  • Easy access amplifier tilt-out
  • Hidden casters in base
  • Grommets for wire chases throughout
  • No tools required for assembly

(ii). Metal Podium