Visualizer Scanner

Niva Solutions Interactive Flat Panel Interactive Flat Panel Display embraces the world’s driving Infrared situating innovation. This top notch execution, savvy Interactive level board show will bring lively and smooth client experience to Indian Education and Business field. Niva Solutions Interactive Flat Panel Display has an exceptionally limited outline plan, High Definition Resolution, LED backdrop… Continue reading Visualizer Scanner

POE Injector

Gigabit PoE Injector

SFP Switch

Our Smart Managed switches are convenient, secure, and cost-effective. Ideal for deploying multiple high-performance access points while providing a high wire-speed. Configurable from web browser, which gives users the ultimate functionality to manage the switches conveniently. Designed for high speed and density SFP connection.

POE Switch

All-in-one security solutions for any small, medium or large enterprise. It allows convenient delivery of data and power at the same time from a single cable. It eliminates the need for AC or DC power supplies and outlets. It reduces the total cost of installation for a security system.

Digital Video Recorder

It offers 32 channels camera support with Analog/IP & HDVCI inputs. The channel capable of 720p real time recording. These are devised in order to provide high quality image. It manage the storage and network resources efficiently.

Network Video Recorder

Supports up to 64 Network Cameras simultaneously. Supports 4K recording, live view, playback and preview on all channels. RAD support to preserve video footage in case of drive failure. Automatic Network Replenishment to allow recording on SD card in case of network outage.

Dock Station

Globus Infocom, being an employee-friendly organization, values an inclusive work culture that drives growth, success, performance and creativity. We are in constant need of talented people who embrace these values and will help us expand our position as a leading technology provider in India.

Recording & Streaming Studio

Full HD recording support Stream over multiple platforms Remote configuration AI powered tracking Easy camera controls

Student Response System Audience

Niva Solutions, being a representative accommodating association, esteems a comprehensive work culture that drives development, achievement, execution and inventiveness. We are needing capable individuals who embrace these qualities and will assist us with growing our situation as a main innovation supplier in India.


Niva Solutions Visualizers are imaginative gadgets that can work related to your Interactive Display, Digital Podium, or Interactive Board to show continuous records, books, guides, and three dimensional items on the screen. The high picture quality and adaptable camera arm creates clear and superior quality pictures on the presentation. With the assistance of its explanation… Continue reading Visualiser