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Is it safe to say that you are searching for the best erp programming answer for your quickly developing business? It’s the ideal opportunity for you to consider the most trusted, secure, adaptable, and the best erp programming in India. With financials, deals, CRM, examination, stock administration, detailing and considerably more in one, simple to utilize arrangement you have all that you want to deal with your remarkable business.

A huge number of SMEs and enormous undertakings across the globe deal with their organizations worth billions of dollars on the best ERP programming like SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign. Is it safe to say that you are?


What Is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

ERP is an acronym that denotes enterprise resource planning (ERP). It’s an erp software that can shape the journey of business towards success. The best ERP software solution streamlines business processes and integrates vital business functions such as supply chain, production planning, inventory planning, sales management, manufacturing and distribution, and human resources activities.

Once you compile information at the central database, you can gain cross-departmental visibility to make root-cause analysis, discover potential opportunities and loopholes and gain massive gains. The best ERP software solution empowers your business to run agile and in real-time as people spend less time making actionable decisions.

The best ERP software in India is a critical business tool for companies of all shapes and sizes. Many of the world’s best-known and successful businesses are leaning on SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign to transform their business processes.

The Business Value of ERP

ERP software has turned into an essential resource for organizations. It offers more than a customary ERP arrangement or any inheritance programming. It can assist pioneers with performing different exercises, accomplish more with less, robotize processes, engage workers, and make income effortlessly and insight.

ERP software can cover a ton of organization capabilities, assist you with working together successfully across divisions, render ongoing data about your business, feature regions for development, and guarantee you consent to regulations and guidelines all from one spot. Since everybody is in total agreement, the reasonable erp arrangement helps lift worker confidence level by improving on tasks and further developing efficiency.

Organizations don’t need to be enormous to receive the rewards of the best ERP programming in India. Organizations of each and every shape and size can use the business worth of ERP programming in India.

Niva Solutions is one of the main erp programming organizations in India delivering precise business answers for develop your business.

  • Bring cohesion and control across your subsidiaries or branches.
  • Render company-wide visibility and efficiency from anywhere.
  • Run your business anywhere, on super-fast accurate information.
  • Manage stock in multiple warehouses & streamline material resource planning
  • Help manage and streamline your financial operations
  • Create detailed reports on all aspects of your business processes
  • Manage the complete order-to-pay cycle including receipts, invoices, returns & payments
  • Improve resource planning, project management and more
  • Shrink supply chain costs, accelerate cycle times and minimize scrap
  • Store all critical customer data in one place

SAP Business One or SAP Business ByDesign?
Which is the best ERP for my business?

SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign is a cloud-based ERP solution ideal for mid-size and large enterprises. You’ll get the foundation to scale and compete without the complexity and cost. Rated by Gartner as a niche player, SAP Business ByDesign is the best erp software in India available for a monthly software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription, based on a base package, user types, and number of users.Niva Solutions as one of the leading erp companies in India can help you embark on SAP Business ByDesign seamlessly.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One is a single and affordable solution designed to fit the needs and the budgets of small businesses. Available both on-premise and on-cloud, you can gain greater control over your business or subsidiary to make your life simpler. Niva Solutions as your best erp software companies can help you automate your business processes faster with this smart and intelligent ERP.

Why are SMEs, Mid-size and Large Enterprises
in an Urgent need of an ERP?

Decision making is stalled
Sales and the customer experience are suffering
Difficult to manage subsidiaries
Backups, server failures and data theft are constant worries
Legacy software is not mobile compatible
No clue as what’s happening in your business right now
Accounting takes longer and is more difficult
Different software for different processes
Scalability is a big time issue

Transitioning to the Enterprise-Ready ERP

Niva Solutions as one of the best ERP software companies in India offers a wide range of industry-specific solutions enabling 18+ diverse industry verticals to make a smooth transition to the best ERP software solution.


The software is helping Indian Pharmaceutical firms to improve the speed of decision making, automate complex Batch Manufacturing Records (BMR) and manage the quality process from purchase goods receipt to customer delivery.


The software helps you to manage the complexities of the supply chain from forecasting item location demand through material procurement. The solution also helps in shelf life management, production & packing planning. and crate management.


The solution helps the electronics industry to track variants items and versions, improve quality control across the supply chain, helps in advance planning, scheduling and auto-batch management.

City Gas Distribution

The SAP Business One solution helps to manage the City Gas Distribution process right from the procurement of materials, construction to management of pipeline laying, daily gas compression detail and product maintenance.

Logistics & Warehousing

This solution records multiple locations, handles scheduling and inventory of vehicle types and categories. It also suggests alternative routes to reduce delivery time.


SAP Business One software helps you to manage all your products and packaging needs, and manage a substantial amount of inventory. The software also gives you key insights on daily production, consumption, batch costing and day-wise pending sales order reports.


This enterprise-ready solution facilitates companies to perform production planning, track byproducts and coproducts, yield, waste-age, shelf life, expiry date, FIFO and FEFO and manage stock at multiple locations,


The solution ensures compliance and end-to-end traceability of milk and milk products across the entire supply chain. With this software, it is easier to calculate rates based on quality and quantity, handle order processing, and track activities from procurement to delivery of milk.

Construction & Engineering

The smart and intelligent ERP helps in project planning, project tracking, project cash flow, design tracking and abstract (running billing). With this ERP, it also becomes easy to categorize the type of works (service & materials).


This solution integrates seamlessly with various processes of inventory, purchase, sales and distribution. It tracks and manages every step with precision and eliminates manual errors.


The software helps in sales and inventory management, production and operation process, shop floor scheduling, quality management and product costing. It also offers complete visibility from request-for-quote to order fulfillment.


Improve supply chain management with a single and centralized system from production, sales and shipping to purchasing, goods receipt, warehouse management and communication management.

System Integrator

The solution helps to streamline your financial operation, from daily accounting tasks to banking and financial reporting and analysis. It also helps you to manage the complete order-to-pay cycle, including receipts, invoices, and returns.

Mall Management

The solution takes care of complete leasing and renewal promotions, events and signage management. The system also helps in billing management, security management and electricity management.

Car Rental

The system helps in fleet management, time management, chauffeur management and helps to manage leads from multiple sources, The software helps companies to avoid any backlogs, and optimize fleet availability and utilization for maximum profitability.


Effortlessly manage a complete repository of cricket and other sports items such as football, baseball, rugby, ice hockey and other sports kits through item master in SAP Business One. The software helps you to plan a complex packaging process, and meet the desired quality benchmarks.


Reimagine student engagement and learning models through educational ERP. With this ERP, forget about the hassle of maintaining heaps of paperwork and effortlessly manage time, admission, recruitment, grades and exam operations with SAP Business One.


Track everything you keep in stock, precious stone, raw gold bar, ornaments and consigned goods with SAP Business One. Accurately estimate costing, view sales slip, customer order slip, sales delivery, manage approvals and alerts with SAP Business One.


Get actionable dashboard of your stores’ sales, orders, and other data such as how much revenue you are making on each product cycle with SAP Business One. Keep a track of shift scheduling, time clocks and a host of retail operation activities with this ERP.


12+ Add-Ons For Your Unique Business Needs

Give your business a true competitive edge with SAP B1 “Add-ons” products that are designed to meet your business needs.

Our add-ons help companies improve their business functions like production, distribution, service, project management and retail etc. inside SAP Business One.

Take Control and Transform Your Business With Niva Solutions



Operate at the gold standard from day one with best-in-class SAP B1 implementation In India. Get what you need in one easy-to-use, integrated solution.



Expand seamlessly as your business grows in size, complexity, and revenue with an ERP Software that’s scalable with the local language, currency, and compliance requirements.



Make informed decisions on-the-go to accelerate sales and profitability with real-time data analytics. Achieve success faster like never before.

Let one of the best erp companies in India discuss your key requirements and help you capture new business opportunities with one of the best erp software solutions.

Frequently asked questions

We're here with some of the top questions and answers to navigate the journey of ERP seamlessly.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software solution that businesses use to manage their daily operations such as finance, HR, CRM, project management, supply chain and more. ERP software facilitates enterprise performance management on a real-time basis, and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. The software solution integrates a multitude of business processes and enables a seamless flow of data between them. It helps you view, predict, streamline and optimize your business functions as well as financial results.

In today’s competitive business environment, staying relevant is imperative. ERP software is designed for growing MSMEs, SMEs and larger companies to support their business growth. ERP simplifies business operations through effective inventory management, stock valuation, warehouse management, vendor transaction management, budget management, accounting, finance and sales management. ERP can provide a true and unified picture of critical, up-to-the-minute business data and scale your organization to great heights. It is not just a solution, it is the need of the hour for every business.

Digitizing is the name of the game in today’s business world. Automate your SME with an ERP software solution – the all-in-one, trusted, secure, scalable and smart business solution. It is affordable and offers great functionality to foster complete business growth. Today, ERP systems are pivotal for managing businesses of all sizes and scopes – across all industries. It enables leaders to perform numerous activities, do more with less, and create revenue with ease and intelligence.

ERP software simplifies operations and improves business productivity by covering all company functions, helping you collaborate across departments, rendering real-time information, highlighting areas for improvement, and ensuring you comply with laws and regulations. This fosters business growth and success in the long run.

If you still have not adopted ERP, it is time to give your organization the automation and intelligence that are the key to efficiently running all business operations. Niva Solutions offers many ERP solutions you can choose from. Depending upon your business requirements, budget and challenges, you can opt for SAP Business One, SAP Starter Package, SAP HANA or SAP Business ByDesign. Further, there are on-premise and in-the-cloud ERP solutions. ERP platforms can be also grouped on the level of functionality, utility as per business size, and modes of deployment. The team at Niva Solutions Business Solutions can help you identify the right ERP for your business and implement the same. Get in touch with us for more information.

Niva Solutions Business Solutions offers end-to-end ERP implementation support. Right from licensing to customization, migration to cloud hosting, training and managed services, the Niva Solutions team offers strong industry-specific expertise as one of the best ERP companies in India. We are trusted by business leaders across the country as we are Asia’s #1 SAP Business One partner and India’s first platinum partner.

Client Testimonials

Success stories that demonstrate real-time benefits of working with one of the best erp companies in India.


Mr. XYZ shares his journey of business automation with Niva Solutions using SAP Business ByDesign ERP software. He happily recommends Niva Solutions for its expertise and unmatched business support.


Mr. XYZ shares his journey of business automation with Niva Solutions using SAP Business ByDesign ERP software. He happily recommends Niva Solutions for its expertise and unmatched business support.


Mr. XYZ shares his journey of business automation with Niva Solutions using SAP Business ByDesign ERP software. He happily recommends Niva Solutions for its expertise and unmatched business support.

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